You don’t have to give up your favorite beer in order to lose that beer belly you’ve been rocking.

Give these 10 workouts a shot to make your gut disappear—and uncover your abs.

Workout notes

Workout 1: Complete exercises marked A and B as a superset—complete the first exercise's prescribed reps, then go directly to the second exercise without resting.

Workout 2: Complete this workout as a circuit. Do 10 rounds of the circuit. As you do the circuit, do one fewer rep for each exercise—10 each on the first round, then 9 each for the second round, until you've completed 10 rounds.

Workout 5: Complete each of the three circuits 3–5 times. Rest 30 seconds after each circuit.

Workout 7: Complete as many rounds as possible of a circuit in 20 minutes. Cycle through the circuits for each workout until you've completed them all.

Workout 8: Set a timer for 10 minutes and complete as many reps as possible of each exercise. Keep track of your reps for each and try to beat your score the following week.

Workout 9: Based on your own experience running and performing body-weight exercise, chose a distance you’d like to run: 1, 3, 5, or 7+ miles. Set a tracker on your phone to alert you every time you've run a quarter-mile. At each quarter-mile mark, perform a set of exercises in sequence—pushups first, situps next, and so on.

Workout 10: This is a special challenge. It’s not only crazy effective for fat-burning, but it’s also a good thermometer or gauge on what your overall fitness level is, and how you feel while being pushed to get through it.