The movie Creed is about stepping out of someone else’s shadow to create your own legacy.

In the case of Michael B. Jordan, who plays Adonis Creed, son of Rocky Balboa’s chief rival-turned-pal, the task was living up to not only the iconic physique of actor Carl Weathers, who played Apollo Creed in four Rocky films, but also the astronomical expectations of fans hungry for a follow-up to one of the most successful action franchises of all time.

Here’s the routine that turned him—and can turn you—into an Adonis.

How it works

Jordan’s trainer, Corey Calliet, needed to build both the actor’s muscles and his work capacity so that he not only looked like a boxer of championship lineage but moved like one, too. “The training was pulled from the fundamentals of athletic conditioning, as well as from bodybuilding,” says Calliet. The sessions combine cardio and circuit training to melt fat off the abs while tightening them, and each muscle group is trained with volume for a maximum pump. The result is a look that would have made the late, elder Creed proud.


The program consists of four workout days. For a warm-up, run one mile at a moderate pace.

Perform the exercises as straight sets, completing all sets for one lift before moving to the next. Rest as little as possible between sets and the exercises.

The only exception is on Day III, when you'll complete the exercises 5A through 5E as a circuit. Complete one set of 25 reps for each. Rest after each exercise, then repeat the circuit two more times for three total circuits.

When reps are marked as 10, 9, 8, 7... 2, 1, then you'll do 10 reps on your first set, rest briefly, 9 reps on your second set, rest again, and so on, doing 1 fewer rep each set until you've completed 10 sets.