As you get into the third week of the Eternal Beach-Body Workout Plan, you'll be shifting your focus slightly to more "traditional" bodybuilding movements. In this workout, for example, you'll be tackling a number of compound movements (like the classic barbell back squat) as well as isolation movements (like the similarly classic biceps curls).

At the same time, you'll still be incorporating a number of "pre-hab" movements, like the shoulder rotational warmups and the lying "clamshells." Combine that with a healthy helping of planks and side planks, and you'll have a well-rounded training routine that will have you looking stronger and feeling stronger.


Do each exercise as straight sets; complete all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

Make sure you pay attention to the designated rest—45 seconds isn't a lot of time, and you'll be well served by tracking your rest periods on your watch or your phone.