When you're trying to reduce belly fat and lean out, working out longer isn’t always better. In fact, intensity, not time, is more important for getting those fat-torching benefits.

By employing a high-intensity interval workout and doing multjoint exercises, you’ll burn calories not only during the workout but also for many hours after—as those hard-worked muscles continue to crave energy to restore equilibrium.

“This workout is designed to burn fat while sculpting your total body” by combining bouts of compound strength-training moves with high-energy cardio in the form of burpees, says Derek DeGrazio, trainer and managing partner of Barry’s Bootcamp South Florida. “Best of both worlds!”


Perform the exercises in order. For the compound strength moves, use a load that you can safely control for the one-minute duration. And don’t skimp on those rest intervals—they ensure your body is ready for the next round of weight-training intensity.

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