Getting jacked isn't just about spending lots of time in the gym. In fact, sometimes spending less time working out—by way of shorter rest periods—is the key to making progress with your muscular development. The trick? By utilizing supersets, and working with relatively light weights, you'll tax your muscles enough to stimulate growth, while also keeping your heart rate elevated to burn more calories.

In the first day of our Trophy Muscle Workout Program, you'll be focusing on movements that emphasize your legs, shoulders, and abs. Make sure to keep a clock nearby so you can track your rest periods. Warm up thoroughly before beginning this workout, too, because your shoulders will be doing a lot of lifting.


Choose a light load—the point here is conditioning, not strength building, so maintain tight form and move fast. If you find that you're struggling to complete the sets with the weights you've chosen, then go with slightly lighter weights. You'll be completing plenty of reps in this workout, so don't worry if you're not hauling heavy iron—the work volume will do you good.

Note: Sets labeled with a letter (2A., 2B., etc.) are supersets. Do all reps of the first exercise, then go directly to the next exercise without stopping. Rest only when indicated.