Can you go meatless—and still supplement your diet to build major mass? You're probably shaking your head no, but health and fitness experts—and our former cover guy Liam Hemsworth—say yes. 

Vegetarian protein powders contain all of the essential muscle-building components needed to get ripped and reap the rewards of hours at the gym. “There is no reason that someone who eats a vegan or vegetarian diet can’t build just as much muscle as an omnivore,” says Matt Ruscigno, MPH, R.D. “They can get all of the same amino acids in the right amounts.”

So how do you do it? Ruscigno recommends using protein powders in your pre- and post-lifting snacks, and adds that —as vegans and vegetarians—it’s especially important to mix up your powders, rotating through several types in order to consume a variety of nutrients from different sources. Here, Ruscigno—and other experts—give us the run-down on your eight best options.