It seems like we dudes are always sweating, whether we’re at the gym or just sitting at the office doing absolutely nothing rigorous. We sweat on the commute to work. We sweat when we step inside and our bodies adjust to cooler temps. We sweat when we accidentally run a red light, or when we’re cooking dinner over the stove.

And with sweat comes the stench. And the pit stains. And the self-fanning. And the halfhearted attempts to avoid lifting our arms to avoid displaying our glaring pit-sweat.

The solution? Wearing an antiperspirant.

Antiperspirants had a bad rap for a few years. There was a lot of talk that any skincare products containing aluminum—the primary sweat-halting ingredient—might lead to cancer (primarily of the breast tissue). And then there was the backlash to the backlash, this time from dermatologists, saying that there were no conclusive studies that confirmed such a theory. So here we are, back at square one—but still as sweaty and stinky as before.

We’re pro-antiperspirant, for a couple reasons. One, you can wear antiperspirants sparingly if you want, alternating between antiperspirant and regular ol’ deodorant. Sometimes sweat-stoppers are essential—like at a wedding or a work presentation—and you should have one on hand for when that time comes. Second, some people wear antiperspirants daily because they really, truly need it—it’s like the tropics in those pits and their genetic situation is really stifling the ego or professional confidence.

If you’re in the market (or getting back into it) for a new antiperspirant, then consider our favorites.