Gentlemen, we'll be honest: Whether you're about to head out or trying to hide your hangover, the easiest way to instantly look better is to toss on a pair of sunglasses.

Shades can elevate your style, transform your look, and change your mood. But—and this is a big but—you have to nab a pair that suits your face shape. The right pair of sunglasses will enhance your best features, frame your face, and highlight the rest of your outfit.

We're going to steer you in the right direction with the help of Marie DiPalma, senior brand director of Ray-Ban North America. We've rounded up the most iconic Ray-Ban styles, as seen on some of the most legendary people in history, fashion, and music, then highlighted what type of guy they speak to in terms of personality, how you want to look, and how you want to feel.

(Oh, and if you're not sure what your face shape is, use this guide.)