Cody Bellinger came to the major leagues ready to play.

The Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman broke out as a consistent power hitter for his team, mashing 39 home runs and setting a National League rookie record.

But if you happened to follow Bellinger through his early baseball career, it might be a shock to think of him as a power hitter.

He hit just one home run his senior year in high school, when he weighed in at just 175lbs. Former Dodgers vice president Logan White used to describe him as a “skinny dude” while scouting him.

But now that Bellinger is in the majors, he's completely transformed his physique, bulking up to 213lbs. He's packed on that muscle by using a broad range of moves, including powerlifting, push-pull workouts, dumbbell exercises, med-ball training, and core-strengthening workouts.

“When I’m working my upper body, I’ll use the bench press, dumbbells, and TRX rows,” Bellinger told Men’s Fitness. “But my favorite is when I’m working out my lower body. Depending on how my back is feeling, I’ll start off with a front squat or back squat, then I’ll do RDLs, some weighted ball throws, and hamstring work to keep them loose and strong.”

Bellinger made a record-setting impression during his rookie season, and the future remains brighter than ever for the Dodgers star.

Want to build your foundation like Bellinger? Here’s how he does it.