Sometimes, size doesn’t matter.

The perfect example of this just might be Houston Astros star Jose Altuve—the 5’6”, 164-lb All-Star hitting machine.

The second baseman set a record in 2017 by becoming the first MLB player ever to record four straight 200-hit seasons, and if he wins the American League Most Valuable Player award, he’d be the shortest player in history to do so.

Altuve, not satisfied with just those milestones, put his name into the history books again. Altuve tied an MLB postseason record by hitting three home runs in one game against the Boston Red Sox in Game 1 of the 2017 American League Division Series.

Altuve now can add a new line to his accomplishments: World Series champion. The Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2017 Fall Classic, completing a major rebuilding plan that saw the team lose 100-plus games for three straight seasons from 2011-2013. Altuve was a huge part of that turnaround, and now he's a champion.

Even though Altuve is on the shorter side for baseball players, it doesn’t make him any less effective on the field. That’s because Altuve goes as hard in the gym as anyone in baseball.

“I do a lot of weightlifting in my training routine,” Altuve told Men’s Fitness. “I use high-intensity workouts and agility drills to help increase my speed while also maintaining my strength. I like to do different combinations using deadlifts, squats, sled workouts, and core work. There is always room for improvement no matter what type of player you are.”

Altuve has had a record start to his career, and now he’s hungry for a World Series title.

Here are three ways that Altuve trains.