There's nothing like New Year's celebrations to make you feel like reflecting on what you've accomplished in the past 12 months. Getting down to 7% body fat, achieving that abdominal V, finally asking out the girl of your dreams—you get the idea.

But you know what? Even if you haven't sculpted that rippling six-pack (yet!), you've probably accomplished plenty that deserves a toast. And that's the other best part of New Year's: drinking high-quality spirits and celebrating the people who produce them.

So if you're going to drink, you might as well drink the good stuff. But what makes a delicious spirit? Some are perfect soloists, playing all the right notes with nothing more than a nice block of ice and cool glass. Others are ensemble players—the cheery friends that round out a great party. And a few defy categorization, carving out new places on our bar carts where we didn't think we'd ever see a spirit dare to venture.

This is what's making its way onto our glasses in 2017—and, hopefully, yours. Cheers to your impeccable taste.