Just a few years ago, if you decided to venture out into the woods for an extended trek, the only “technology” you’d pack would be a compass, map, flashlight, and some matches. Maybe you wore a watch.

Nowadays, outdoorsmen can pack smartphones and smartwatches, clever LED lighting systems, ultra-light stoves to make their outside time more comfortable and connected than ever before.

Luckily for watch-wearing outdoorsmen, the market is now booming with durable smartwatches designed to enhance outdoor adventures. Though they may not be as simple as a tough old Timex (connecting and updating all that data can be kind of annoying), this new generation of outdoors-focused smartwatches offers myriad features—compass, GPS, altimeter, barometer, heart rate tracking, weather—that’ll augment your outdoor time beyond the usual crop of smartwatches.

We put a slew of outdoors smartwatches through their paces—in the woods, at the gym, and on the slopes—to find their pinnacles and check their weak points. These are the best outdoors-focused smartwatches of 2018.