Training T-shirts of the past don't even come close to the level of workout-friendly gear modern gym rats can wear today. And we say it's about damn time—because your workouts demand performance apparel that's just as tough, and sweat-ready, as you are.

When your heart is pumping hard, you're doing a lung-bursting HIIT session, and there's that weird metal taste in your mouth, it's clear: You work your ass off. If you dared to wear a plain cotton tee, you'd have to wring out your t-shirt.

You need a T-shirt that lets you move freely, keeps you dry, and wicks sweat fast. That's why we've picked 13 of our favorite shirts of spring 2017. They can withstand the demands of cross training, CrossFit, and circuits workouts, no matter how much you sweat or how many times you're dropping under a barbell.